my name is true. I make robots and other things. but I don't make websites.

if you are visiting because of sgdq, welcome!

if you want to talk about console verification bots, ACE and related stuff, join #tasbot on
developing your own robot? come talk with us, we like to know about these things (obviously), and may be able to help
if you like TAS stuff in general, visit to see games finished quickly or join #tasvideos on freenode.

I don't have many bots left for sale, but if you are interested we can work something out.
all of my robots require you to procure your own controller cables. you must also be able to operate a multimeter.
people like to ask for prices, so here they are:

old style nes/snes bot: $35 shipped USA schematic awful source
multireplay bot: $85 shipped USA

I will be at DEF CON in Las Vegas, NV, which takes place Aug 4-7.
if you want to see old games destroyed or want to hack on them yourself, look for the whiskey pirate crew.

want to talk privately? email me at trueamx at gmail dot com