trueControl Automation, Control, Gaming, and Radio Interface Tools

A device for playing recorded Nintendo or Super Nintendo controller input files on real hardware.

Who runs this?

My name is true. I make things.
One of my hobbies is console verification. I sell copies of my hardware replay bots here.

What are these console-playing bots?

I have made two bots, called "true's NES / SNES Replay Device" and "MultiReplay."

The NES / SNES Replay Device was created in 2013 primarily with AGDQ2014 in mind. As per its name, it only plays NES and SNES.
The device is capable of multiplayer operation, including full 8-controller multitap. It used this feature to play the AGDQ2014 SMW demo by Masterjun.

The MultiReplay replay device was devised shortly after AGDQ2014 to fix shortcomings of the old model.
This device is fully self-contained and can play console games without any external connections. It uses an LCD and button interface, and MicroSD card to store runs.
This new device supports NES, SNES, Genesis, and SMS. Support for GB/GBA and N64 is forthcoming.

Where can I get one?

The old replay device is only for sale by request only. It is available in kit form or fully assembled. Contact trueamx at gmail dotcom for details.

The new MultiReplay device isn't for sale yet. Dealing with illness, burglary and a hurried move, sorry. The device should be available 2Q 2015.

Is source available?

For the old device, yes. It is WTFPL licensed and is very awful code, but it works.

For the MultiReplay device, not yet. It will be when I am happy with the code to release it, so others can expand it.

What are some features of the new device?

- Fully standalone playback
- Supports visualization boards, to show input being pressed by the bot
- Shows input as played on the LCD
- Supports USB or serial communications modes (in progress)
- Supports being powered and connected to only the console
- Much faster response, useful for experimental or ACE run verification
- More console support, and possibility of future consoles (2.5v to 5.5v I/O support)

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